About us

Vox Croatica organizes group and individual courses for all those who want to learn Croatian language and get an insight into Croatian culture.

As part of the Croatian courses, Vox Croatica organizes and helps organize extracurricular activities (sports activities, half-day and one-day trips to national parks in the vicinity of Zadar, visits to Zadar's cultural institutions ...) which enable students to get acquainted with Croatian cultural and natural heritage.

All our courses are focused on developing all language skills: communication skills, writing skills, reading and listening skills. Courses are held by university professors with many years of experience in teaching languages.

Courses take place in small groups (3 to 6 participants) where in an interesting way and a very pleasant and relaxed environment students learn language structures, acquire vocabulary and apply acquired knowledge in everyday communication situations.

Vox Croatica also organizes English courses for primary school children and companies. Courses are intended for all those who want to learn English or to improve their knowledge of English. Students are grouped according to their age and knowledge (primary school children), i.e. their business interest (Business English).